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Sales and Marketing Manager (Agriculture)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type

Full time

About the Role

  • Yearly sales plan and target yearly sale for team

  • Be proactive in meeting customers, especially leading the sales team to meet with customers and

  • Job division and daily review on sales team

  • Check and maintaining positive relationships with customers to make improvements, and get their

  • Training for sales team

  • Promote products and sales strategies through social media


  • Bachelor's degree and priority for those with a master's degree in business management, and

  • Has experiences as a Sales and Marketing Manager for over 5 years

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing skills

  • Be able to communicate in a second language, preferably English or Mandarin

  • Be able to spend a lot of time in the provinces and willing to travel there for employment

  • Have a driver's license and know how to drive, respect the law and with high responsibility

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